What the hell is lomography ?


THE LOMO. It is for "Leningradskoje Optiko Mechanistschéskoje Objedinénie's" (= "Union of Optics and Mecaniques of Leningrad "). It is a surprising small Soviet compact camera. The lens, made by the Professor Radinov (the Guru of any lomographers), can be adapted to all the situations.

>>> The Lomo manual




THE LOMOGRAPHIES... They are these images shot with a lomo. They are instant of life. To do lomography, is to take your Lomo everywhere and at any time, to shoot without restraint, without anticipating the result, without trying to reach a result. It is necessary to take lomographies as one breathes. Lomo could be for the photo what the Dadaism was for the Art... Of the anti-art or the anti-photo.




THE 10 GOLDEN RULES... In every sport its rules, the lomography does not break this principle... Lomographers do not bother with more than 10 of them. Ten rules to see the world with a more audacious eye, to walk its third eye on the planet Earth.


1. Take your Lomo wherever you go.
2. Use it night & day.
3. Lomography does not interfere with your life, it's a part of it.
4. Get as close as possible to the objects of your lomodesire.
5. Don't think (William Firebrace).
6. Be fast.
7. You don't have to anticipate.
8. You don't have to understand the result.
9. Shoot from the hip.
10. Don't worry about rules !



THE GLOBAL LOMO EVENT... Every day, thousands of persons experiment a little more the lomography, try to exchange, to expose and to meet. All which is made worldwide around lomography, is a part of the LomoGlobalEvent. A dream of lomographer : a huge lomographic atlas, showing the world in its variety, with its summits, its cracks, its sweet surfaces or aigues, its nuances etc. Millions of images collected for the only one, the biggest, the most diversified, the most colored, the most authentic... The most spectacular image lomographique of the surface of the earth which is been never again created.




THE LOMOGRAPHIC SOCIETY... Lomographers get organized in independant "embassies" (Berlin, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Munich, Pforzheim, Zurich, Wintethur, Stuttgart, Graz, Hano, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bern, Hamburg, Moscow, Linz, Sidney, New York, Goteborg, Cape Town, Havana, Cairo, Tokyo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Toronto) and each embassy depends on the Lomographic Society.

>>> List of the ambassies


THE LOMO FAMILY... If lomographers use Lomo LC-A, the Lomographic Society develops also some other Lomo's models.

The amazing four-lens camera. With one click you get a four-picture print? As it is Lomography, you have no focusing, no aperture, no shutter-speed. This camera uses any 35mm film which can be developed by any photo laboratory. You can even choose among 3 action sampler : regular one, milky one and Chrome one.

Enjoy all of them :)



The Super Sampler is a four highly light-sensitive and highest precision panorama lenses are arranged vertically and therefore allow four precisely positioned panorama shots in series on a singel photo. Find out more about this mega-sensation. A cool alternative to the Sampler.